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Yes, it’s my old Colorado number but we live here in Cache Valley  UTAH now 🙂

Why book with  us? 

  • Our sincere passion for what we do!
  • Our vast professional experience with public speaking and guiding wedding ceremonies smoothly….we’ve done 100s of them!
  • Our unique approach to getting to know you and reflecting your  personality and love story  in your ceremony (Yes, we can PERSONALIZE your entire ceremony with warm and charming details about your Love Story!  This will make your ceremony completely different than any other wedding! Ask about it!)
  • Our creative customization of your ceremony
  • Our genuinely friendly and personal attention to your individual needs
  • Our exceptional value for services we provide
  • Our sense of humor!  🙂
  • Our commitment to organized and timely replies to your calls and emails
  • Our honest promise that we will give you the absolute BEST WEDDING CEREMONY you can have!


Background of Why We Do WHAT  We Do: 

We realize the world has changed from years ago when most weddings occurred right in your hometown.   Mom told you where to be married and how to structure the ceremony, and the pastor/preacher/priest/minister/rabbi who you knew from childhood performed the ceremony.  You had little or no say in it.   Or, you went to the courthouse and had a bland, impersonal ceremony by a bored officiant.  (“Next!”)  End of discussion!

We believe you may want something other than those choices.  Why?

There are many couples who have moved all over the country (or the world!)  and as such, they want to marry in a beautiful place that may not be their hometown.  They still long for the Wedding of Their Dreams…..but that may not be as easy as it was years ago.  They may not have the same beliefs that their parents had years ago…..but maybe they still want to lightly honor those former family beliefs? Or…..maybe there’s another wrinkle?  Maybe one of them has been married before, so they want a different type of ceremony, maybe that even  involves Vows to the Combined Kids? Perhaps they are of two completely different belief systems?   They need a ceremony that no one else can or will do.  Enter:  Rocky Mountain Dream Weddings!   






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As the owner and creator of Rocky Mountain Dream Wedding ceremonies, my husband Brian and I  can make your dream wedding ceremony come true WHATEVER your personal beliefs may be.  And as  Ministers of the Universal Life Church, we can make it all legal, too!  We are open to, and will celebrate, all ideologies, thoughts and belief systems.  And……this is huge:  since we are local residents of Cache Valley, you will never have to worry about whether I can get to your wedding even when a storm has shut down the mountain passes.  Relax.  I am right here!

 We will work with you, the couple, to add in the traditional, personal or maybe religious options/verbiage/vows that you want, but none of what you don’t!  We will work with you to customize your personal ceremony….large or intimate, formal or laid-back….with customized wording and content .    No worries about the  words, phrases or beliefs  you don’t want!…..BUT we’ll include all the ones you DO!   This is your dream!

If you are interested in learning more about our possibilities for your upcoming wedding ceremony, please see    for more details.  Or, email Julie at or call/text Julie at 970-389-5795 for a free consultation today!2014-10-15_0005

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